Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Thursday!

Since I wrote last I have been working on my AB sock (Almost Bulletproof LOL) And making myself knit a bit looser. I also completed 2 bibs - in Bernat Cottontots yarn. One is a varigated yarn in pinks and white, and the other is all pink. I also started a burp cloth in the pink yarn. Easy, mindless, almost boring knitting.
Oh, please go check out Aija's blog . She's having a contest to win sock yarn! Plus she has one of my all time favorite blogs! She always posts such lovely pictures of yarny goodness, and beautiful projects she's been working on. Oh, and please don't forget to congratulate her - one of her patterns is in Knitty! ( a gorgeous sock pattern!)


aija said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words! :)

Clare said...

Well you have done it again! PBnJ you are a WINNER!!

You have won my contest with your guess of 5.3hours. It actually took me 5.4.

Email me on clarebennettAToptusnetDOTcomDotau

See you!

Joanne said...

Have I thanked you lately for leaving such lovely comments on my blog? Thank you. I am grateful!

ferg said...

Thanks for dropping in and having a great go at my comp. I must admit tho, when I read aija's I realised I was a real beginner at setting comps.
Hope your socks are going well and I know what you mean about using stuff that doesn't rate so highly on any project, particularly socks, till you get them right. I have six pairs now and am still reluctant to part with the home-dyed ones and the first ones aren't worthy of being a gift.
Its a chilly and windy day here so I am re-sizing (frogging and re-knitting) a vest for a friend of my mothers. Then I can get on with some projects for ME!
Cheers Gillian