Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm BaaaaacK!

Loooong time no post heh? Probably thought I fell off the end of the earth, or at least the cyberspace...

Well, to make a long story short - my family and I set out on an adventure. We left our big house and got rid of lots of stuff and took a trip. The trip took us all over the country and eventually to a beautiful place on the Pacific Coast. (that we'd never heard of prior) I have to say that God led us here.  We live and work at a Christian retreat center. And this part of the world is so incredibly beautiful. We are just amazingly blessed.

I tried last year to get back into this blog, but I couldn't remember my password, so I created a new one and made about 2 entries. I didn't have a computer readily available - so it was really pointless for me to try to blog.
Someone recently gave my family a computer, so I may have more time and ability to blog, plus, I just (obviously) was able to get into this old blog and restart! Yay!

So, hello old friends and new!
God bless!