Friday, June 30, 2006

Yarny goodness!

Yay! Today 2 boxes arrived. First it was the Trekking from The Drunken Monkey. Such beautiful soft gray yummy sock yarn! Later I discovered that the yarn from Lisa at Black Sheep had arrived. It is really nice. I'll have to think of something really great to make with it.
Melissa asked what sock pattern I'm using. I have a book called Knit Socks. It's shaped like a sock. I don't remember the author's name right now. There's a pattern that has a little cable pattern. I really like it. I made my last pair in that pattern. However, I think my needles are too small. I knit really tightly anyways. I'm afraid these socks will be "bulletproof" LOL!
So, I decided to start a baby bib, ala Mason Dixon. Chris and Chaos put me over the edge, lol. She's been making baby bibs and Chaos has been modeling them. Too cute! I just love that kitty.
Speaking of kitties, Knitter Bunny has the cutest pictures of bunnies and kitties on her blog. And she posts lots of yarny goodness too!
Well, gotta run for now!

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Dorothy said...

Yarn in the mail. Now, that's a good day.