Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Fibery Fun Night

Last night I got out the drum carder to card some wool (that I scoured and dyed a few months ago).
Even the kiddos got in on the fun. Some of them would turn the handle, and another would feed the wool into the carder. They made it into a game - the person turning the handle was the "driver", and the person feeding in the wool was the "fuel". LOL.

I also got to sit up and read knit blogs to my heart's content. THEN, I made some dpns out of skewers. I'll try them out some time to see how they work.
After that, I winded off the singles I'd spun on my spindle onto something else so I can spin some more! I had been doing a white single. Now I am going to spin up a spindle full of pink (Bright Easter Egg dye - pink!) Yay!
I stayed up so late, that it became early. What a refreshing time! (Aside from no sleep. :P) I sometimes crave time like that- to be free to do whatever you want without interruptions or obligations. And really get something done for once, at ONE sitting.....

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Dorothy said...

I'd love to know how your DPN's turned out. I usually take my needle guage to the hardware store and buy dowels, but you can't get some of the sizes and the skewers I have are 3mm. Toothpicks (the pointy kind) are 2mm and make great cable needles.
That's awesome that your kids are so fun and helpful.
I didn't make the Post so I'm sending the hubby first thing Monday morning.
I'll try to get it there as fast as I can.
Have a good weekend.