Sunday, August 27, 2006

A visit to the Frog Pond.

I am just finishing ripping out my green LB Woolese sock. Why? You may ask. Well, it was a wee bit tight in the instep. I tried it on again last night and just didn't like the way it felt. (Like cutting off the circulation slightly! Ugh!) I don't feel comfortable dumping my sock rejects on someone else at this point. (i.e. someone with slightly smaller feet) LOL.
I have a theory that this pair of socks was holding up all my other knitting inspiration. I think subconsciously I felt I needed to finish this pair before starting another, yet I didn't want to finish something only to have it not fit. Solution - rip it out. Yay! Now maybe I am free to start something else without any subconscious guilt.
I think I would like to try a toe-up sock, perhaps using 2 circs. Looks like an interesting method. I saw a few links on Cara's blog (January One in the sidebar) in one of her entries this past week for Turkish cast on. Looks like a winner.

Since I wrote last I completed a dishcloth-like object, (to use up the last of the Cottontots yarn) only I added a knitted strap type thing at the top and added a button - so you can hang it up - like on the fridge door or a cabinet door or something. I like how it looks flat, but I'm not so sure it will hang nicely. LOL.
The hat I started for Grandpa. Ugh. Pbbbbbbt! I even added a different color stripe in the middle and still ran out of the gray (main color) yarn. Plus it is a bit snug. Maybe I'll finish it off or maybe I'll rip it out - but I don't think it'll be for Grandpa. Oh well, I wasn't liking that scratchy acrylic. Yuck. Ya know, it takes the same amount of time to make something crappy out of crappy yarn as it does to make something nice out of nice yarn. So I'll be remembering that in the future.
I plied my pink singles, and then plied them with some gold thread for effect. Well, somehow I got started plying the gold in the wrong direction. (which un-plies the other yarn... Ugh)
It just feels that everything I've tried to knit or make the past few days just comes out yucky. Like the stars aren't aligned for me or something, LOL.
Oh well. I'm sure knitting will perk up in the future. Just gotta go with the flow, right?

And just a heads up for those who (actually) like to read my blog... there is a possibility that the House of PBnJ may not keep our internet connection when the next cycle comes up - prob. sometime during the 1st 2 weeks of next month. So, if I mysteriously disappear - I'm probably fine- just not online anymore. So on that note - I just want to say that I've enjoyed meeting all of you knit bloggerly people, especially everyone who's read and commented on my blog. Thank you all so much. I wish I could just hug ya'll. I feel that you've enriched my life somehow.
And to everyone who has held contests - Thanks so much! I'm very thankful for all the nice things people have sent me over the past few months. I would never have been able to have these things otherwise at this time in my life. So Bless You for your generosity and kindness.

Well, that's all for now. I will try to keep ya'll posted if I know for sure we'll be offline. I would like to say goodbye, ya know.

Well, hope everyone has a great day, and hopefully your projects are going better than mine are lately! LOL!


marisa said...

Lol...I know just how you feel about those projects that just don't seem to be working at the moment. Give it a few days and the knitting mojo should be back in full force. ;D

CygKnit said...

Ahh, the mysteries of relationship with UFOs and FOs. There should be some branch of psychology to deal with us knitters and our projects and mojo. Best wishes to you :)