Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here's a picture of my spindle. I made it myself last spring. Yay! It is made from a hard wood dowel rod and a craft store car wheel with a cup hook on top. I think it works pretty well, for being homemade, but I've never tried a "real" spindle yet.
And there is some of the fleece I washed this spring, and dyed with easter egg dyes. Right now I have pink on the spindle, this picture was taken a few months ago. Oh, and the quilt in the background, I made in in 1995. I'd love to make some more quilts someday, when I have more time, space, energy, etc.! oh, and when I can get to my buried sewing machine LOL!


aija said...

Very nice, it IS a "real" spindle! I'm spinning too and its quite addicting :) You just put the idea of dyeing into my head though...!

mf said...

It is a real spindle!! Looks wonderful as does your spun yarn too!