Thursday, August 10, 2006

Long time no blog!

Not much knitting has been done either. I did manage to finish 2 (yes, only 2) warshrags since I wrote last.
I received a wonderful package from Australia from Clare. Two skeins of slubby handspun merino. It was so heavenly soft as I took it out of the package. I asked her if she'd raised the sheep herself, as I assumed there was a background story to the wool. She replied, "There is a story to the wool. My father had a 'bush block' which was mainly bush adjoining a national park. This sheep missed mustering for several years and so didn't get shorn. When she did show up her fleece was 8" long. As it was too long for the regular wool sales channels he gave it to me. I had it processed and got back 7kilos of georgous fine white wool. This was about 8 years ago and I am still spinning it up. I only have about 2kilos left now. I am being very careful with the projects designated for this wool as I will not be able to replace it. "

Isn't that way too cool?!

I also receive a package from Karla a white cake of yarn - very soft, kind of fuzzy, and cloudlike - 90 percent acrylic, 10 percent wool. I'll have to think of something cozy to make with it!
Oh, and I won on Allison's blog contest! Yippee! I get the knit-tea party in a box....sounds like a lot of fun! Yay!

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