Friday, June 30, 2006

Hello Friday!

I cast on for a sock last night. I am using Lion Brand Woolese. I'm still not ready to use my "fancy" sock yarn yet that I've won in contests. I feel I need more practice on the cheapo stuff to make sure I won't mess up too badly when I do decide to use my special yarn. :) You see, I come from the world of craft stores and acrylic yarn. LYSs are foreign to me. I've never been into one. Using wool is new to me. So to me "real" sock yarn is special and fancy - kinda like gold, lol. So I want to savor it and use it wisely.

On another note, Deb is holding a contest on her blog . See if you can guess how many stitches are in her gorgeous shawl!
Have a great day!!!!

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Melissa said...

I went to a LYS once, that's all, so I understand what you mean about the "good" yarn.
What sock pattern are you using. The best thing I ever bought when I got started was Sensational Knitted Socks.