Sunday, January 24, 2010

Latest creative activity:

Finally finished the blue Lion Brand Homespun hat. (I think this was a few months ago.)
A few weeks ago, I knitted a neck warmer out of the same yarn. It's nice not to have a scarf dangling when I have to do outside chores, such as feeding the chickens and gathering eggs. Chickens aren't exactly the most sanitary of creatures, ha ha, but I do enjoy them. ( Not eating them, tho)

I'm thinking of starting a 100 Things About Me List,
So I'll see how far I get.

1. As of this post, I have 7 kids: 6 girls, and 1 boy.
2. I have been married for 13 years to my husband.
3. I learned to knit and crochet as a child.
4. I love cats.
5. I love birds.
6. I love fish.
7. I like chocolate.
8. I grew up in Arizona.
9. I grew up in a copper mining town.
10. I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.
11. I never became a doctor.
12. I play the guitar.
13. I started learning to play when I was a kid.
14. I play the mandolin.
15. I started learning to play mandolin around 5 years ago.
16. When I was a kid, I used to collect stamps and rocks.
17.I graduated 4th in my highschool class.
18. We had slightly over 60 people in our class.
19. I had a pet tiger salamandar when I was a kid.
20. When I met my husband, I had a couple of goldfish.
21. I had had my goldfish for 5 years.
22. I live in a cabin in the woods. (Really)
23. The cabin I live in was built by hippies.
24. My husband and I sleep in a loft above the living room.
25. Almost daily I see deer outside my cabin.
26. The same can be said for wild turkey.
27. I take care of the chickens on our property.
28. I am interested in genealogy.
29. Some of my ancestors are German.
30. Some of my ancestors are Cherokee.
31. Some of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower.
32. Some of my ancestors are English, some are Irish or Scottish.
33. I'd rather listen to music than watch TV.
34. I get kind of bored in the middle of movies, and go off and do something else.
35. I don't like microwaved popcorn.
36. I have a Whirly-Pop for making popcorn, and I love it.
37. When I was pregnant with my last daughter, I craved popcorn with cinnamon candy flavoring (like Red Hots Flavoring) and powdered sugar.
38. I like to make things.
39. I am interested in cake decorating.
40. I am interested in candy making.
41. I like to bake.
42. I don't like to cook that much.
43. I took a quilting class in college.
44. I also took Karate in college.
45. My favorite teacher in High School was Mr. Faulkner, my typing teacher.
46. I live about 3 and a quarter miles from the Pacific Ocean.
47. I have lived near Atlanta, Georgia.
48. I have lived in Colorado.
49. I love to read other people's blogs.
50. I love to read posts on Ravelry.
51. I don't really enjoy writing on my own blog. (I'd rather read everyone else's)
52. I really don't like Jerusalem Crickets.
53. I think they are creepy and scary. Yuck!
54. I don't like scorpions and centipedes either.
55. I used to work as a temp. for the US Post Office.
56. That was my favorite job.
57. I homeschool my children.
58. None of my kids have ever attended public school.
59. I really like the color combination of dark brown and turquoise.
60. I am not really interested in sports.
61. But my husband loves them.
62. I was manager of the track team my senior year in high school.
63. This involved keeping stats for the team.
64. I got to travel around to all the track meets with the team.
65. I really enjoyed it.
66. I do not like to play volleyball.
67. My gym teacher in high school was also the school's volleyball coach.
68. We played volleyball A LOT in high school gym class.
69. UGH!
70. I have never been bitten by a snake.
71. There are rattlesnakes in Arizona.
72. There are also Gila Monsters.
73. Coatimundis live in AZ, too.
74. Saguaro cactus are native to Arizona.
75. I love summer desert sunsets after a rainstorm.
76. Cholla cactus are not your friend.
77. They are nicknamed "jumping cactus" for a reason.
78. My first vehicle was a white 1980 Chevy Luv.
79. My second vehicle was a blue and white 1983 Ford Ranger.
80. The Luv ran way better than the Ranger
81. But the Ranger was prettier than the Luv.
82. I enjoy reading old copies of knitting and craft magazines.
83. I find it entertaining and nostalgic.
84. I like peaches, nectarines and apricots.
85. Apricots are my favorite.
86. I own a copy machine.
87. I find it indispensible.
88. I did a lot of embroidery in high school.
89. I used to win ribbons at the fair on my entries.
90. I also like to sketch and do portraits.
91. I like to research information.
92. I like English Breakfast tea.
93. I like Chai tea.
94. I like my tea with milk and sugar.
95. I never drank much coffee until I got married.
96. My husband loves coffee.
97. I want to learn the violin.
98. I used to hang my laundry on a clothesline when I lived in Colorado.
99. I really enjoyed that.
100. I've been a vegetarian for 12 years.

Whew! That wasn't too hard.
Gotta go for now!
Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

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