Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I've been knitting dishcloths lately.
I found a new pattern I really like - even better than the Peaches and Cream Ballband pattern. It's a waffle stitch pattern. I like the way these dishcloths come out a bit thinner. When I wash dishes, I personally like a little bit of a thinner dishcloth. I love to make dishcloths as gifts, and I actually have never used a handmade washcloth, but these ones are tempting me to keep some for my self!
The last one I made with orange yarn and a yellow/white ombre yarn, alternating to make stripes. The striped look really appeals to me - I'll definitely be trying that again.
It was fun when I was looking for my needles to make dishcloths again- (I hadn't knitted any since February)I found a complete dishcloth and an almost finished one that I'd completely forgotten about - so it was kind of like a bonus to have more finished dishcloths!
Here are some pics of my dishcloths and also of something with strings of a different kind - my mandolin! (I play guitar and mandolin)

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Rima said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Will add yours to my blog reader.

I am loving all your dishcloths...great colors! They are very handy.